Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot like the sun

Woke this morning to hear that Armstrong's world is now spiraling more and more out of 
control. How is he going to say that he is innocent with the now with the  evidence, and the testimony from his former teammates.  Not sure if this is the smoking gun, but where there is smoke their are dopers. And we all know that Dopers Suck.. 
Hard to tell the kids here that the guy that they have idolized for years on end is/was a cheat. 
This is not going to end well if it ever ends. 
It has been stupid hot here in the heart land and it has been stressful on my pocket book with the 
damn air on so "F"ing much. 
I have been able to ride and thankfully this is a bike of a rest week before the race this weekend up in Duluth. Hoping for some fresh happy legs,, the kid and I  will get a chance to pre-ride on saturday
so we can have the course fresh in our heads. 
Should be cooler up by the big lake and we are going to a chance to play in the falls and water 
that is fresh and cool up there.
I am so ready to hang out in the camper chill by the fire and sleep the good sleep. 
Hope all had a safe and fun forth,, I did not get as many miles as I would have liked, and may take 
today off with the forecast of 107,,, Rest Strong Race hard and PARTY ON!!

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