Monday, July 23, 2012


Buck Hill,, not only is it a Replacements song and a spot where I ski raced some twenty years ago.
It is also home of the Buck Hill Bump race part of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series.  The locals race here every Thursday night during the summer and most of them can race this with their eyes closed.  I was able to get a pre ride in with the kid which was good as the course had changed ever so slightly from years past. Good flow and fast,,it was going to be some where between a 13 to 15 minute lap. Again had a great start hitting the single track in 4th/3rd to the climb and sat here through the first lap,, Then Owen came around on his One By,, kid is riding strong and I was able to stay with  him for a bit but by this point i was starting to have some stopper issues. 
Quick back story on this,,, I have needed some new brake pads for a few weeks but have been able to pump my levers to build pressure and stop and slow the way that I needed,, but as the race progressed I started to pull the lever to the bar and barley slow.. This made my approach more interesting as the twisty single track became harder to charge. 
That said I kept the hammer down and lap three Teammate Barry again on a single came around and I was able to stick with for a bit but was struggling in the single track to pass the lap traffic. Lap for Paul had recovered and came around I had nothing and was a bit overwhelmed by the heat but had to keep pushing on, Last lap and Heath was charging,,, I told him he is now the Shark once he smells blood he is on fire. I was able finish out the lap and come in 7th, good race ok result was having a good day and could have been better. The fitness is their and we have another one coming this weekend so need to keep things on track. 
Huge thanks to all my sponsors who make sure that I have the gear that I need and help power me on. 
And a huge thanks to my family and extend black and white family,,could not do it with out you all.

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