Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I think that I may have over cooked my self on sunday with my double up rides.
I did make sure that I was hydrated and have the best recovery products on the market from Pacific Health Labs. Even with all the fluids and an easy day yesterday due to extreme heat, I thought I would feel better than I did. At 5AM it was already 76 degrees out and I set off for what I hoped would be a good ride for me. I was able to generate some good power just could not sustain, and the numbers my HRM was show was telling me that a bit of relax time would be in order. 
I think that tomorrow will be nothing more than commuting to work,, that way I can watch the early coverage of the tour as they hit the Big Mountains.  Sunday at Buck is going to be hot and it is going to be red line racing from the start to the end.. Not my favorite being so short and violent,,but then add the heat and the fact that 99% of the guys racing race it every Thursday night in the summer.
Regardless it will be another good day of training/racing and then a short week with racing the following at Elk River.  Before I know it the Subaru Cup will be here and much pain will be will be felt.   
Anna is tough as nails and loves the heat she is out again tonight riding in the sweltering heat.. 
Not this guy some time on the floor stretching and to bed early. We may get cool enough tomorrow night to sleep with the windows open which would be a treat. 

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