Monday, July 9, 2012


Some much needed relief from the oppressive heat came this weekend as the 
family and I took the house on wheels up to Duluth Mn for some R&R and some bike racing. 
We were in the grips of a heat wave all of last week,, then pile on the holiday and a visit from 
my folks who were displaced due to wild fires out west and once again the heat we were ready to get out of town. 
The drive up north on friday we watched the temps continue to drop,, by the time we made it up to
the campsite the temps had dropped 30+ degrees. Good food an great sleep got the kid and my self ready for a pre-ride and then a good hike along the north shore.
The new course was a good one and was going to send us up on a bunch of new single track with less ski trail which was good by me,, It was somewhat early on saturday when we rode and the trail was still a touch wet from rains the day before,,but the ground was soon to dry out. 
Race day brought almost perfect conditions with dry-tacky dirt and not a lick of mud to speak of.. The call ups were given and the local Duluth riders were licking their lips to whip up on us people from the south. 
Jessie took the lead up the road and I sat and waited for the jump from SKJ right at the start of the single track. The three up front had a gap and were gone in a blink..  My goal was to go as hard as I could and try to create some gaps behind me,,, as the end of the first lap came I could see that was not working well as 3 sat on my wheel waiting to pounce. At the start of lap two Olsen, Mcfadden and young Michael came around and fought back to get on some wheels.. I was able to bring Todd back but Trevor put in a surge and I just needed to sit and recover from the first lap. Nearing the top of lap 2 Luke Nelson as he has before this year was riding strong and came around I tried to stay with but to no avail. Lap 3 saw more of the same lots of climbing and wicked fun descents. Popping out on to ski trail on the last lap I saw young Michael and charged to get on his wheel. I rode with him hoping I could sit and jump when the time was right,, but got caught up in some lap traffic and lots the wheel.. 
I crossed the line in 7th place and missed 5th by only 30 some seconds,, I had a good ride and I know that I could go better.. Bike body and mind all rode well and thanks to my family and all the great sponsors that keep me moving,, these results will only get better. 

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