Sunday, July 15, 2012


Watched bike racing this morning while eating breakfast and drinking coffee. 
This years tour has been good but I am starting to loose interest.  I have a hard time believing that 
no one can take the yellow or pose a threat to Wiggo.  Is he going to hold it for two weeks?
This sitting behind the Sky Train and watching the race unfold is getting boring.
The big hills are coming again on Wednesday... I hope for fireworks. 
Kid turned 17 today,,
Crazy to me to think that she is that old and that I met her mother 
when she was 17,, This fall will be 20 years of me and Anna,,
All so crazy.
Pip had no interest in riding so I was all alone, for a good hard ride in the woods. 
I have been fighting a blister on my little toe on the right side,
It can make flying through the woods pretty hard. Any other toe minus the big one and it would
not be an issue, but the little ones do a lot of work in a shoe when riding the 1 track. 
When I got home it was almost hard to walk.  Got cleaned up and grabbed my back up Northwave shoes and felt how they fit.. Being less roomy in the toe box it felt somewhat better. 
So I made the decision to get back out on the road bike for a while.. Both bikes were cleaned so why not ride. Off to ride some hills in the neighbor hood.. 29 miles and 2200 feet of climbing in some 95+ heat.. Foot still not that happy but will have to work through,, Racing next weekend and then 
again the following weekend,, So blister or no blister I will just have to tell it to shut up.

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  1. Never trust the Italians...Nibali is going to throw down soon and Wiggo will crack. Froome in for the juglar.