Friday, July 13, 2012


I have been enjoying all the tour coverage,, and from time to time I find
my self in customers homes and people that you would never think watching the big show. 
Most say they have no Idea what is going on they just like the views of the countryside, and then they fill my head with questions about Lance. So many questions about lance.. I have started to wounder 
if the by should not listen to Mike and the Bike any more. Only on the grounds that this guy that he falls a sleep to every night has to moral integrity. Maybe he does ,,, maybe all this in the press is 
false and maybe he is innocent,, That one is a hard one to believe. 
Missed out on the ride this morning was all dressed and ready to go,,,stepped outside to see dark clouds looming,, so I pulled the plug. My wife said it is unlike me to not ride in the rain,, think that it was an excuse to not ride,, was not really into it this morning. 
Had a great day on Wednesday with a  strong ride in the AM followed by a ride after dinner on
the single track.. Nothing like riding some dirt,, or Moon Dust here due to lack of rain,, to cleanse the soul,, or my Dark heart. 
Going to be a warm weekend and I am on call,, so it will be a trick to get in what I want to do.   

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