Friday, July 27, 2012

I am not a NuMbEr

It is all a numbers game,, miles ridden,,power,,and watts,,hours,,Calories,,heat rate,, and where you finish. 
I look at some of those numbers and ignore a lot of the other ones.  This week has been the smallest 
amount of miles since January. A bit of rest and time off the training program,,with back to back races and tons of heat.  I did get out on tuesday and for a max style effort 22.8 miles in 61 minutes. Good number, and good work for the heat of the day.. Other than that just some easy days and a nice road ride after work yesterday. 
A week or five days off the Mountain Bike,, due to the lack of brake pads which was the undoing of my race on sunday. But as always Magura came through and this afternoon I got my little Black Spot all back up and running. Now time to load up the racing bags and get ready for the weekend. 
Tood Bauer Photo
Going to head up to the Twin Cites tomorrow to ride with the Hollywood Crew for a little Black and White single track party before heading up to the race on sunday. 
I am hoping that I can finally put together a complete race and better my last few standing.. Their it is again Numbers.  Song #1 is not an FU song. 

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