Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HaRd On

I am hard on gear,,yep I said that.... When I was a kid my dad use to say it is not built well
unless it is devinproof.. I seemed to blow things out months if not years before 
they were supposed to break. It started with Sk8te boards and shoes,,damn I went through tons 
of skate shoes,,always had shoe goo around the house. Then came ski gear,, I was blowing out the tips on my Heat Freestyle skis sometimes twice a season, part due to being a hack and the other part growing up skiing on boiler-plate. 
Then along came bikes,,, for years I just dealt with gear being sub par, or just not working.. I had my Gary Fisher for only a few weeks back in 92 when I bent the fork at my first ever race at Highland Hills. Remember taking the bike back in to Ski Hut and Mike Z just laughing as he sold me a suspension fork to replace my bent rigid steel fork. 
In the 20 years that have pass I have burned through tons and tons of parts and tires, and no
longer knocking on the neighbors door seeing if their was any bit hanging out in the garage or storage shed. But or should I say butt i am still hard On my bib shorts. I have sat through or just worn a hole in more than my fair share of Bibs. Never really a tear in the fabric just the constant pressure of ass in saddle.
My wife reminds me that I spend more time in my shorts and in the saddle than maybe intended by deign. But more than a year would be awesome. Fabric wears gloves,,shorts,, liners of Helmets,,etc. 
Thankfully now in my cycling life I have some amazing sponsors that make sure that my gear is new and in
proper shape so I can worry about lining up and going fast, and not have to worry about where the next bit of gear is coming from.. Am I going to sew up my kit and keep rocking the most kick-ass-kit ever,,Yep you know it. 
Ass the boss would say Party On!

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