Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Finally felling like I know what I am doing. That full day off the bike on saturday was great, and it gave my stupid toe a chance to not be in a cycling shoe for a whole day. Since then I have been working my self over trying to find that spot of just to the edge. The SSCX bike has come out to change up the work and fend off the burn out. Forgot what it is like to push a 44x17 up hills,, i know their are those out there that will say that I am soft now that I shift but nothing that makes me loose sleep at night.  This is what makes me get sweaty teeth, but if I stick to the plan I am sure that all will go well.
Summer is flying by and with all the racing going on this month and in to the first week of September, i have not done anything for getting ready for Interbike.
If not sleeping through the night this is something that should put nightmares into my darkhearted soul..
I am ready for some time away call it a vacation or call it time not working on crappy appliances. 
or I just could be this guy....

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