Thursday, August 23, 2012

Frank the Tank

After talking to Hwood I thought that it could be fun to go up and
race the Pre-Fat on saturday..  But between being tired their is some stuff going on at the home..
Tired I am took all of sunday off after my bummer of a race on Saturday.  Monday I took it easy easing back into a week a full week of work,, but got back after it on tuesday.. I could just not shake the Flat Slow feeling that I was having. The weather man said that the ragweed was at it's highest level of the summer and I started think that could be part of the puzzle.  After another day of good work on the bike and a sluggish feel I got some allergies meds and felt much better today. Did some hill work through the quarry and then back up bliss twice..  Finally a bit of snap and some confidence the kind that I need to fight for overall in the MNMBS.
Then their is stuff at the home front.. Out Pup of 14 years Franklin is not doing so good. he has not eaten in 5 days, and is not drinking much water. Their are moments where he seems to have some spunk but I think that it is mis directed.. He has had issues like this before over the past few years but have never seen him go this long with out eating. Going to see the doc tomorrow and their is a chance that he may not come home. We don't want him to be in pain or discomfort he is old and has been a good friend and dog.. We'll see what the doc says.. Sophia is the one that i am worried about the most,, she has grown up with the pup and even though she does not like to walk him they are buds,,,,before james came around she call frank the tank her brother.. 
So all in all a nice chill weekend will be nice before we head up to Maplelag for the Loppet. 
I will be able to put in some good work/miles and chill out especially if  the hearts are heavy here in the house.

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