Monday, August 20, 2012

Kicked in the Cup

It was over as fast as it started,, but I was in it for the ride.  Coming off my race on sunday I was ready for a fast race and I was ready to fight for not getting pulled.. Just did not think that it would be some damn soon that my race would be decided. 
I got a 4th row out of six and was happy that I rode the parade lap before the start happened. 
Just before the call ups I saw Sam Schultz shredding the loop a loop that had two-three foot high speed bump over a water pipe for snow making, then a hard left into a dip then a large table top then two more hard left turns and back to the start line to start the climb..
Why the description of the the Parade lap?? Because this was the end of the beginning.

Going 9 wide into the field I we were hit by a wall of dust and it became impossible to see and when my sight came back we were standing still at the snow making pipe.  Back onto the gas and into the left turns.. By the time I hit the climb I was already sitting 40ish,,as the single track approached we were stopped again,,,, and it felt like for ever that I stood there and waited my turn to get in to the trail....  At this point I was racing for pride and was going to give it a go and put on a show. 
On the first big descent I got loose in one of the the ground and a tree started to come quick I had to duck my bike as it flipped over head. Rattled but not broken I adjusted my left grip and barender,, and was back to chase.. I was back far enough now that I did not see the race in front of me.. Even with all the crap that went wrong in the first lap I still had 20 min lap,, the winners were going 15 if not faster...
I duked it out for three more laps and getting cheered on by friends and family and those who stoke to see the Twin Six Metal on course. When I finally got pulled I smiled and thanked the UCI official and hollered at the USA official to give me a high five,, which he did but he looked confused. 
What do I take from all of this,, one stoked to be a part of the to meet some unreal people and spend some quality time with the family.. Would I do anything different,, maybe but when it came to fitness and equipment I was ready more than I have ever been. 
I will be back knives sharpened and ready to Slice and Dice.

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