Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ripon it Backwards

Moving through mood swings and dealing with fall and my
racing season coming to an end.  Sounds a bit pathetic but cycling is 
my only outlet and time spent with the crew at the 
races is the happiest time of my days. 
Just put the Camper away for the winter,, slight chance that it could come back out 
but in the coming weeks family is super busy. 
Up and out early this
morning on the Gunnar to log some road miles and get some
tempo in my legs.  No real plan just get loose for some mountain bike riding 
with the kid later. Bike and body rode well even though at times I felt 
like I was fighting my rig.  Fresh Pave and a few hills made the soul smile a bit. 
Had enough time when I was done to get changed in to a fresh kit and
saddle up with the PiP. 
For the second ride the sun came out and legs were felling really fresh and 
I wanted to go, which can be a problem for pip cuz she gets dropped. 
The trails rode super sweet and both the kid and I were riding strong. 
She is all excited about the contact she has had with Rick Dam from Ripon college.
I love to see the spark just not the price tag that comes with the school. 
With every person in the world up in Cable we decide to ride a bunch of the trails 
assbackwards. Told her that it would be good practice for the St Cloud race
next weekend. 
Fun sun and two wheels makes me fell whole again. Would love to change my life and 
be back working in the cycling world. Then I could be surrounded all the time 
with the stuff that i love. 
Good job to all those that raced today some good times were put in 
by a lot of folks. And as always the Black and White was well 

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