Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whipping Post

Some times I feel like I am tied to it.. 
After not making it to one since May? I showed up for a Tuesday Night World Champ ride. 
I was excited to ride the climb that is dubbed the wall. 
As normal only guy in the group on a bike made of elements dug from the earth. 
Up and over the bridge and in to the land of 10,000 lakes. 
My goal was to have a good ride and see if I could wake my legs up. 
Not sitting on the front was the main goal. I took a pull or two and pushed it 
a few times on the hills and gave it a go on the big hill. Legs just seem like they can get 
the funk out of them... We go to finish heading down the TV 19 road at break neck 
speed... maxing out at 49 in a group of people that for the most part I have not ridden with was a bit 
nerve racking.. All in all i managed a 60+ mile day and made my legs hurt
but I told them to shut up...

Which is good because I got get out on the MTB and get a good Spin in the Woods. The trails were supper sweet and the cooler temps and north wind made it a perfect day to be in the woods. Bike was happy and legs were happy I was happy..

Next up is the last race in the MNSCS I need to make sure that I am ready because I know that every one else will be. I have had  good fun season and ridden a bunch of sweet trails.. It is going to be 
hard to say good bye to the season when it is over.

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  1. Nice job Devin. Thanks again for supporting our event. It was great having your family and seeing everyone moving the wheels Lag style. Best racing to you on the season finale.