Monday, May 23, 2011

Better than EPO

Busy week here at the Redwood house. Not only is tomorrow fourteen years of 
Bliss with the love of my life.
The James turns seven and that same day three years living in 
our little home.
And that is just the first few days...
End of the week we get to take the trailer out for the first time and 
play in the north woods.
We have a spot on a lake with fishing and boats which is all good 
fun. And front door access to the local single track. 
I have never ridden there only driven by as I head up to 
Duluth. From what I hear it is the shit and 
I can't wait. Strip the bike down to the 34x18 and shred the single fun.
And to top it all off I have 5 day off in a row,,, time to play and get 
ready for Mt Kato.

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  1. Scweeeet! congrats on the fourteen years! Jeni and I camped north of Two Harbors 20 years ago and did some hiking at Gooseberry Falls.....awesome country. Camping by the lake was like being oceanside....enjoy!