Sunday, May 22, 2011


It has been said that sometimes your the hammed and sometimes the nails.
Yesterday I was the nails. While the pip and I drove up to the cities
it rained and we were prepared for rain. Spirits were up as we sat in the car
and got through registration.  We slapped on our #plates with timing chip pasted on the backs of them...Cool!
Chatted it up with all the faces that we have missed over the past six months. 
Again moods were good and we were read and excited. 
The line up and call ups went normal then they gave up a quick 5-4-3-2-1 and off.
Hollywood too the hole shot and we were off, off on to a grassy feild that 
was a slow as slow could be. It was like running g full speed and but not moving.
Hit the single track sitting to 7 or so and was moving along with the group. 
And that is about where every thing changed. First my shifter got jacked and the thumb 
blade moved some 90 degrees and could not be reached with out taking hands off the bars.
Slamming and diving through puddles and trying to find the lines through the troughs of mud.
Now it had been raining all morning but the rain stopped as we stared racing, and now rain would have been great. With my shifter messed up next was the Derailleur, it would not shift
down out of the 32/30 tooth cogs.. If I shifted down to the 18 or 16 it just ghost shifted right back 
up to the top. I was not able to get any speed as I was spinning like a total freak. 
Mid way through the second lap I knew that this was not going to work. The sandy muddy mess had
ground my rear pads to nothing and my race was done. Yep first race of the year a big old DNF..
Along with a  muddy bike and some trashed gear. 
Jay raced strong and stayed out front and came in 4th and both Kwood and Pip 
finished. The sun had come out right about the time that I pulled out and this 
had change the mud from soup to thick peanut butter like shit. 
When the kid crossed the line her bike was a good 25 pounds heavier.
Proud of her the hardest race that she will do this year. 
Now time to clean the bike, shoes, and kits and start thinking about the approach to 
the next one in two weeks...

Good job Team Hollywood Cycles for KILLING IT .

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  1. Bummer on the DNF my friend...better luck next time!