Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shift to the Left.....

Been pedaling a bunch over the past few days.
Got a good amount of time on the new MTB and am loving it.
As I type this a box of goodies sits on the floor from Thomson,
for both my rig and the kids new toy. Been having some Achilles pain again
and just trying to work through it. 
The only thing that I am ascared of is the lack of racing to this point.
All the boys in MN have gotten to line up a few times and me
I am going to be going into the first one kind of cold. I worry about the high end, I hope that it 
is there.
Let the house before 6 this morning and got two hours of dirt before work..
Love it when the day starts out good.
Now good pedal your bike and spit on the gas pumps..

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