Friday, May 13, 2011

DriftLess RiDeMoRe

I stink,, it seems like all the time now. Tons of hours on two wheels... Been loving it.
Yesterday rode the Single Lemond up through the quarry and then back up
bliss just for fun. Gets a bit stiff with a 53X20,,, and the rain that they had 
called for never showed so after work back out on the Spot to 
the HPT for some single track fun. 
But all of this is adding to my constant smelly body and piles of bike
Weather changed and this morning @5:20 it was almost chilly 
but the engine warmed up quick again on the SS Lemond..
The Group was big again this morning and on the front 
the speed was good. Ready for more,, seems as if every one is racing this weekend
I will be working at the shop which ok at least I will be 
surrounded by my bicycle friends. 

May have to sneak out this evening and get some more dirt.

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