Sunday, May 15, 2011


The sun was out today, which after yesterday was a welcome sight. 
Was supposed to ride with the Kid but she was working the 
job and after her running coach yelled @ her for riding her bike she got the day off.
I got out and it was glorious I was in heaven.
Took off from the house and gave it some race pace to see what the 
legs felt like. Things were clicking and from the house to the trail in 25 minutes.
A fast time epically when climbing up the quarry road.
With the bit of rain that we got yesterday the trails were tacky, and fast.
I could not get enough I want to keep going. The new bike and  I are starting to 
be come one. Snappy fast and nimble on the climbs. 
With a bit over a lap and a half I had to go home but did not want to. 
Twenty six on the day in 1:49,, good climbing and fast single track riding. 

I want more and I think that I will Tee it up again in the AM.

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