Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunnyside UP

For what it is worth I have been a total head case
for the past week or so. Yea the weather has been shit but I have been riding all winter long 
and training in some nasty conditions so it should not be that big of a deal. And 
yes my poor performance last Saturday has not helped either.
Shovel on top of that work and my lovely children and I think that I have a good reason to be all
flipped out in my head.
Today starts a nice bit of down time and after watching the Giro I headed
out to the Trails.. You could say that I rode the HPT Up and that I rode them Down 
and that I rode the HPT all around. 
Stripped the gears off last night and set my rig up the right way 34x18 and 
I think that both pilot and machine were happy. 
A bit under three hours and 30 miles of one by one fun. 
Again not sure if it is in my head but the bike seemed to ride with 
much more ease and flowed much better. And as for the 
person guiding it through the woods he felt pretty alright. 
Some creaks and other noises but that will get fix here this afternoon.
Need to slap on some new brake pads which showed up today thanks to 
Magura. And after that should be ready for the trip up north. 
I may even keep it set up single for the next race it is a ski area and shifting is optional.

Here is to clearing my head.

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