Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wish I was Ocean sIZe

Goals are good things to have... I try to make them,,, I try to  stick to them

when I can,,,,
This morning I had goal in mind and it involved my single speed Lemond and
it all started with promise and vigor.
Then my rear tire went flat,, DU to a big ass staple in the rubber.
Pulled it out and still had time to go up Bliss and then repeat. 
That is when the tube must have been in between the rim and tire and K...boom...
My Kick ass wife came and got me and I changed shoes and bike and headed to work. 
This time up the Quarry road and then down bliss. Felt good and 
was happy that the gravel was dry. 
Through out the day at work all I could think about is bikes 
and what to do with my self torn about racing the Subaru Cup or 
racing the next day in Red Wing. One is a once in a life time chance to 
race against the top guys in the nation and the other is 
part of the series that i am chasing points in. 
Which ever I choose it will be good and fun and for two hours hurt just a bit. 
To clear my head I went out on the Spot and once again climbed the 
quarry hill and rode the uppers of the HPT as the sun started to set. 
Wheels felt fast and legs felt ok... 
Now rest and the the 5 AM train. 
Summer does not suck.

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