Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hard Charging

Photo from Dana
Sophia and I headed over to Mankato on Sunday.  I have had good luck racing there in the 
past. It fits my style being a ski hill race. In years past I have been on the one speed but this year
just trying something new. About a 50 yard dash to the first climb. I got there in good shape after working my way up to the front row for the Gun. 
Following the lines of those in front of me I hit the Frog Pond in good shape. 
Following close to SKJ I called out and went for the move up to the 5 spot and tires rubbed and
I was down. Back up and rolling with my Cateye now in my back pocket I could feel the chasers
coming and I did not want to loose my position. 
Over the course of the next tow laps I went back and forth finally getting passed
by young Jake he was flying. The whole time I kept reminding my self that this 
was my first real test of the season and I just needed to keep the pressure on no matter how hot is was and it was hot. 
I managed to pass two more in the last of five laps and crossed the line in 8th place. 
Landed in the money and got to cheer on the kid as she crossed the line. 
She killed it one hard race for her but she dug deep and pulled it out. 
The next test is the coming weekend in Wausau and that one will be a barn burner.
Thanks to all that have made this season happen I hope to have may more good days on 
the bike and watch this kid of mine grow in to a fast Cat1 racer.

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