Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flying V

We have been stuck in one hell of a shit as weather pattern.
This week it has not driven me to mad because I am not trying to do to much.
This will be the forth week of racing this month and it is one of my favorite races.
Originally I was going to be race the Subaru Cup but 
as the race got closer I decided that a 5th row start and the $$ to shell out was not 
what I wanted to do. Yes it wold have been a chance of a life time to 
race against some of the top racers in the country, but I could not get my head around it.
So that race is on saturday and on sunday is  a Minnesota race that
at this point in time means a bit more to me.
The summer if you can call it that with this weather.... is shaping up 
nicely and the conditioning is coming along.
The Dakota 50 is starting to get
closer and I want to be ready. 
Not sure what is happening with Spot my main contact Gavin who I have dealt with for the 
past 4 years has moved on and I have not had the chance to bridge or build a new realtionship
with the next in line.
                                       First week of July will be a nice change being off from racing and we have a lot going on with 
a Wedding and the Forth,, but bigger than that Steve and Denise Garro are coming
up for their family reunion. This is a good old time and beer will be 
drank and fish will be eaten. And story's of the old days will be told. Their are times that
I wish summer lasted for ever.

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  1. The bike industry has too many revolving people and jobs....hate it when a sponsor contact leaves.... Good luck with the "new guy" at Spot.