Monday, June 20, 2011

Twin 6's

As a kid growing up and skiing Afton almost every weekend getting to 
race mountain bikes as an old man is a blast.
This is a race that I look forward to every year. Around 5000 feet of climbing 
4 laps and always a lot of pain. Driving up along the 
river on RT61 I could not get the visions of nasty nasty mud out 
of my head,,, The night before here in Lacrosse we got 5 inches of rain and the same 
weather went through the St Croix river valley.
I had extra tires and some nerves all packed away in case they were needed.
Found the Hwood crew and started the warm up routine  making sure that
the Spot was ready for war.
Still no call up DU to the DNF in the first race I sat second row looking 
out across the wet lead out. 
My man Holeshot Henderson took off from the line and we all went in behind
as the fist of many climbs started. 
At the bottom shady lane I was sitting in fourth behind TJ, Brendan, and Jessie, as they 
started to pull away. Not wanting to be in No-Mans-Land I was happy as Jake and SKJ came around.
I was able to pace with those two until we watch the eighteen year old pull away and then SKJ started to 
go backwards. By lap four I was all alone with a nice big gap behind me, by this time I 
was able to just ride and finish the race. Not having to push it super hard in the last lap made the heat and 
the pain in my legs not bother me to much. 
Across the line in 6th place which is my best at Afton yet moving up 4 places from last year.
Huge thanks to all the sponsors that are making this season come together the way that 
it is. Now it is time to get the Spot all cleaned up and ready for this sunday at Red Wing, another
killer race course with tons of climbing. Until then rest recovery and dodging rain drops.


  1. Props. Ha! If I knew you we're sitting up to end it I may closed down that minute. But the race dished out some pain! Nice work cogs master.

  2. I'm not sure I ever got ski 5,000-ft of vertical a day at Afton back in the day. Good effort!