Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watch out For

Been trying to get ever last ounce of pedal strokes 
out of my legs before the weather shifts.  Up through the quarry and down the bluff
through the woods over rivers.,,.,.all that kind of riding before it
becomes winter commute survival of the fittest. Hoping that 
can get one more year out of the Cannondal CX commuter before it 
has to be put down,, bike is hanging on by a thread. But for
now it still gets the job done. Saw this the other morning heading in 
thought that it was cool being 7:15 in the AM

This Kid here is way smart and a head of his age and the 
stuff that he has come up with is brilliant,, On top of that he 
is fast as hell and has ridden his bike across the USA and is going to do it again.

Their is all kinds of talk about Black Friday and 
how cool it is going to be bla bla bla,,, @ first I thought it was going to be
But found out that it was going to 
just be this which is less much less cool

Not sure but pretty sure that people 
are pretty dumb when deals are at hand...

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