Sunday, November 6, 2011

Off season Racing

Off the couch and doing my first CX race of the season. 
The Midwest Single Speed CX Championship. 
Last year had a good race and finished out of the money by one spot. 
This year the field was bigger and it was going to be fast. 
From the word go Hwood and my self with the work of Thorny were off 
the front. Nice course with some minny barriers which made for some 
humor when the roadies had to try to bunny hop ,,, some man made stairs and lots and 
lots of turns. Hollywood and I pulled hard to get some separation and get to
the prim at the start finish line. I had a great lead out for the captain of the team
and he scored the 25$$. From there I kept on the gas... Then started to 
blow up,,,but Hwood was gone with the eventual winner. 
From there I bounced off the ground a few times went crossed eyed and 
rode into some course tape. All in all not a bad day for coming 
off the couch,, I like the idea of cross racing but am not willing to drive 2.5 hours 
for a 60 min race. Have not seen the results I finished somewhere around
12th. Paying for the efforts today.. 
Sophia and finished the day off with going to get the end of the season 
awards. Got to party with the Hollywood Team and 

collect our #1 overall award.

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