Thursday, November 3, 2011


In my former life I lived and breathed in 
restaurants. Working in kitchens was my ticket to high places through out 
the west and for the longest time the way that I made my living. 
I have worked in some real shit holes and for some big assholes. 
But for all the shit and cornholes I worked for some amazing
Chefs. Two of which were down in Scottsdale.. James and 
Erik had trained under Alain Ducasse in France and in Monte-Carlo.
The time I spent with these two shaped me for the years to come. You may even say that 
it changed my view on food and hard to fit the molds of other chef's to follow. 
The food was real and methods were old world... They preached fresh and whole
and explained why food should be prepared the way it had been for hundreds of years. 
Old world style with a touch of modern tweaks. 
It was hard and a lot to learn bit it stuck with me and to this day I still practice the 
techniques at home.  
I miss food and miss cooking,,,, I don't miss the hours and substance abuse and crap that 
went along with good food. 
Being a cyclist and being in a house of cyclist,, we eat a lot and I try to make sure 
that we eat well.  Teaching the young-lings why and how is tough but 
 I hope that they can take it with them. 
So long rant short I came across on PBS this evening a guy on  the 
east coast of Wisco who is doing the same thing but with his own twist.
Can't wait to go and visit the family over on that side of the state so I can dig 
in to some of his creations.

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  1. Cooking good food is fun! But you are spot on in the industry....I worked my way through college that way and it is full of chain smokers and potheads.