Saturday, November 12, 2011

I felt like a gringo

November 12 and out in the sun.. Pave to some gravel and then 
up the road that falls apart every 6months. 
D. Boon
Jumped into the single track up in the HPT and was loving the 
35mm tires as they sliced through the freshly fallen leaves.  Riding was good as 
I channeled my inner Stevil only to find  a sign and some tape closing off
 a section of trail.. Said NO Trespassing Nov 1through Dec 31..
Not a huge section of trail but closed none the less. 
From there things went sideways phone beeped and I got 
called in to work,.. Good thing that spinning wheels can make 
me smile so damn big..  Coming down the quarry road on canty brakes can be a bit unnerving,, but you 
just have to let it go and  hope no deer get in the way.

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