Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puck Rock Shaved my Life

Last day of November,, now maybe all the cheesy mustaches will get 
shaven off and the world will be freed from all the 
lurker porn star want-to-bee's...
Chilly start to the day with temps in the teens,, makes dressing for the 
ride in..interesting,, cold to start but then shweaty upon arriving to work.
Nice thing about today was it warmed up to the low 40's or just 40 
but regardless the sun was out and I was able to go through the 
quarry home. 
With a bit of extra time I rode in to the quarry usually just pass by it
riding on the double track that skirts the edge. When you get
down and into it you realize how much space their is and 
and you spin around at the 360 degree views and imagine all  the single track that could happen
you start to drool a bit.  

Now from what I understand even though this is MVC land trails can not be built due to the 
rattle snake habitat there, and for what ever reason the DNR wants to 
keep bikes out,,, they are afraid that people would disturb the land in now empty 
rock quarry. It is a shame the lines that could be drawn the climbing and open fields of wild flowers wizzing 
by as you descend through would be unlike anything in this area. 
This land is a gem and to a city to a community this could be a play ground for two wheels and hikers
snow play enthusiast etc..
All that being said it was a great ride home getting to blow off some steam from a job that 
as I figure will get me no where in life... And it gave me time to think about 
what is to come and how to get ready for it.  
Skiing if it happens will be a blast but for me it is just what I do until I can 
get back out on the road start getting ready to line up and go in to the red. 
With the sound of feedback in my ears and gravel under my wheels 
 I will survive.

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