Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Friend Goo

November fist and the weather was spectacular,, a very nice treat for a fall day. 
I thought that I would never get away from work....Broken shit getting the 
best of me all day... Always seems like a fire to be put out 
some where and people at times can not be very understanding 
about why their expensive steel box of crap does not work. 
But Thank dog that their are bicycles. 
I was able to steal the last fun rays of sun on the way home. 
Then changed in to a fresh kit and headed to the 
park to do some laps and see what my legs thought of 
circles of pain. I like this one here
the off camber drift just waiting for the tires to 
hook back up and go straight.

My Cross rig is a Frankenstein of bits and pieces,, the wheels make so much noise back and 
forth between the pave and dirt the noise is like a symphony. Some day some thing sweet with some 
fast wheels and a tricked out frame.
After getting dizzy and spitting blood from my eyes  I gave it a nice cool down home. 
Got to watch the sun dip behind Minnesota and 
enjoy what could be the last day of niceness.

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