Monday, November 21, 2011


Sitting sill is not one of strong suits. My saturday involved 
doing some stuff around the house and 
watching the rain fall.... No snow here like up 
north in the cities.. That made for some good 
cross weather for all the MN mafia that were out racing. 
The Hollywood Crew of Hwood and Kwood killed it and 
drilled it for a pair of 2nd places in their races.. way to go guys...!!!
So all that said Sunday with a full slate of football to watch I knew that 
i needed to get out of the house. 
With some T6 layers and a few from Craft I was out the door in 
sub 30 temps... Now even though I raced my MTB all season
with gears I still like to think of my self as a One Speeder.. And that is the 
weapon that was chosen. The one x Lemond is perfect for this time of year and got the job done. 
With the woods packed full of blaze orange deer hunters the roads 
were quite and I had them all to my self.  Rode the EMAG loop that for what it is worth 
has been shut down since aug due to road repair.  Bike felt good and the riding felt better. Movement was good which made for a better day of ball watching.. Now time for the defence to step it up and make 
a complete team..

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