Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It has been really hard to adjust to life back here in Wisco.
We had some of the best weather that we could have ever asked for
last week in AZ. For to think that last wed.. I was riding single track
at 7000 feet. Today I was freezing my toes off.
Cleaning up my side of the room on saturday I said I don't want to 
have to wear these booties, but yesterday I found
my self wearing my craft winter booties DU to the 40 degree rain that was
Today I dressed mid to lite and my toes payed for it as I came down bliss.
Last week was supposed to be an easy week and it was even though
I still logged up to 13 hours on the bike.
This week has been ok making sure that the rides count. 
We were going to race dirt this weekend but with the weather and the kid
can't find someone to cover her shift we are going to stay around and race some road. 
The weather needs to break it feels like life back at 9700 feet. 
Come on spring I know that you are out there it would be 
nice to get to play.
And not have to dress in layers.

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