Friday, August 14, 2015

Just another Story

Getting  the last few pieces of this jigsaw puzzle together..
Today should be a bit of a whirlwind as I need to try to cram everything in and not miss out on anything.
We are still waiting on the people in IGH about their home that we put an offer on...
And may end up having to jump ship and put an offer on another one. 
This is by far the most stressful part of moving,,,,dealing with homes,,, money,, and people. 

I got to go out last night with this girl..

I'll be gone for the next few weeks as I start working and #ANNA and James 
wrap up our life down here. 
My plan is to be able to get down the river and see them on the weekends..,
Especially next weekend as it is her birthday.
We did do our best to celebrate as we tore up downtown 
on a Thursday Night.
I hope with all that I have going on that 
I can 
get out and play one last time in the woods..
Yesterday was short but sweet it feels good to push the pedals up the hills,,
Knowing that I will be back again..

So this may be one of the last post that I du for a while as I wont have a computer to 
play with.
I figure it should to be that big of a deal as I am sure not may really read this.
So their you 
have it time to Turn the Page and start a new Chapter..
23 years this 
boy comes back to the 612.
Party On!
to all and to all 
Ride ON!

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