Monday, August 10, 2015


As I sit here in front of this glowing screen I realize that I am still
wrecked from playing on my bike saturday.
Quick backstory,, since I have not been riding much and dealing with selling my house and
then buying a house and all that is involved. 
Bikes have or had been ridden leading up to this day of craziness. 
Just not for anytime longer than and hour and a half. 
Saturday turned out to be an almost three hour ride but we got to touch every inch of trail. 

The Fam and I rolled into the campsite under the cover of darkness and for the first
time ever I put up the Pop-Up in the dark.
The found wood and got a fire started ,,,, got all of this done and had a beer in hand 
sitting by the fire all in Thirty Minutes.

As morning finally rolled around breakfast was cooked 
and coffee consumed ,, and I was off to see what was happening at the 
Levis Trail Head.

As I pulled in and saw a number of weary faces the landscape look as if 
Burning Man him self had been here the night before.
High Fives were slapped and some stories were shared, 
then it was back to the camper to get my shit together. 

In years past we have had our bikes laid out and then messed with,,
last year we just rolled out up a road that went straight up..
This year they had us lay our bikes in the field then 
walk around like sheep.
This had all wondering what was going to happen??
As the information was given out,, they finally yelled go and it was a mad dash to 
our bikes.
Nothing had been messed with and we were all off up the ski trail.
The ski trail lasted a good bit and the groups were forming fast with 
Creepy-Friendly off the front.
Sliding into a group that happy with 
I eased just a bit was not comfortable on the overgrown trail,,
then through a mud puddle that rendered drinking water non-drinkable.
We went up around and over and was flying up on some 
single track trail,,,, when my phone started to ring..

Now it is a saturday and it is not work because I don;t work there anymore
and my phone never rings,, makes all kinds of other noise,,
I am thinking that it one of the family or my real estate  guy something.
So I stop and answer,,, nope kid for the bike shop wanting to 
come over and pilfer through all my old bike gear..

Back on the bike passed by 15 or so racers and now i have to put my head down and 
try to make up time.
As the rest of the ride went I pedaled and rode over and around stuff,,,
my hands became bloody pulp..
and my body was screaming.
I crossed the line and my name went on a board some where in the 
Top 20..
Not bad for some adult like guy who has not been him self. 

I had a blast riding some of my favorite trails and getting to party with 
a fun crew. 
Now I need to get this whole finding a house under-control.
Up to the 612 with the boy to look at schools and homes..

More to come Party On and On!

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