Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The Pip came home from school last friday and like good parents
we drove to pick her up and took her home on sunday.
Nice having her around and even better that it was only a weekend..
Love the child but getting used to her being at school.
While home she managed to land a summer job at one 
of the local bike shops,, and not to far from the house.
So from now on I should not have to be cleaning her bikes,, this one still had mud and crap from
her trip to Boulder for Cross Nationals. 

Another perk to having her home,, Anna and I were able to go out Friday and see Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.. A Blue Grass Band from Point.. 
These guys can play and the banjo and fiddler don't mess around.. 

They played at the local hipster coffee bar,, that stank of BO and burnt falafel,, and had a new school home brew menu that was thicker than I wanted.. With the line to the dude bathroom I realized that I could walk across the street take a leak and buy a beer and head back to the show,, Worked slicker than a whistle.
Good music good company and with the beers from across the way I was happy see the taxi show. 

The forecast is starting to look like spring or at least not be below freezing.
With the amount of snow on the ground it looks like life back at 9700 feet. 
I made a goal of 300 miles for the week and I 
know that it is possible especially

with help from my little friend. 
All Buzzed up and need to go,,,

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