Monday, March 24, 2014

Team Party On

Spring Break is over for the kid,, the whip has been cracked and she is back to school.
I took her back to school via the Twin Cities, so we could go to the 
Team Hollywood Cycles/Girlfiend Team Party.
I left work early Friday to sunny skies no winds and warmer than it has been temps.
The thought of ditching my responsibility and just going riding,, but being a parent gets in the way of all the cool things out in the world. 

The Turn out at the shop was good,, Lots of new faces and a bunch of the old guard was 
present and accounted for.
Jay's shop is like a museum of racing memories and trophies. 
Our 2013 overall victory Plaque was out along with all the other mementos of past racing glory.
Shaking hands and drinking beer I was in my element, we have a family joining the team,, dad and daughter racing for us and their son/brother racing for another one of the local teams,,, Love it dividing the family right down the middle.  
Plans were being made and bike parts being lusted after,, and as the night grew long and 
the younger crowd hit the road the 
music got louder and the party was on!

One of our young local studs is working on build up a new race frame for next year so I went out to the car and pulled out my box of goodness that I picked up on my way out of town.
I explained the reason why any other pedal that he had ever ridden on was not going to
hold up to the awesomeness that is the Look S-Track.
I have my self been riding Looks for the past 4 years  after being on another french brand 
the years before that.

This new pedal is all that it is cracked up to be and more. The simple design along with a beefed up spindle and largest contact surface area,, Power Transfer  and a smooth entry and exit are going to change the way people look at their pedals. 
was good and when I sleep at the Bauers house that means I get the yarn room.
Kelli has  as much money wrapped up in yarn as the rest of us do with bikes and gear.
And with all the soft balls of techno-colored thread it makes sleeping so much more peaceful.
Saturdays plan was to ride and the temps were going to suck even if the sun was shining. 
I headed over to the shop to help clean up as Hwood and the Chucker
worked on a few tunes. And yes we waited for it to warm up.
By the time were were spinning just south of Downtown the temp was only 18 and not sure what the windchill was other than cold. 
We slogged through the wind and cold and made the best of what the day had to bring... Felt good to be riding with the THC crew,, and got me dreaming of warmer days and blazing singletrack.
The Game is on Team time to Roll up to the Line and 
give them the Hell Fire that is 
Team Hollywood Cycles.

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