Sunday, March 16, 2014


The sun is shining and the air is cold.. It has been a constant battle so far this March with weather and trying to break the cycle of the Polar Vortex.
The one thing that is for sure that after months and months of negative temps all it takes is
some sun and temps at or above 0 to make things feel warm.
Pip and I got shut down by flooding in the marsh yesterday so we could not go to Minnesota, had to change the route and find other roads.
Kids are lazy creatures and can not plan worth a crap.
Sophia came home planning doing a good amount of riding and forgot to bring home a tube or any co2's and I am pretty sure that she did not even bring a bottle with her.
We stopped in to the Blue Heron to grab some supplies,, being winter I have not been into the shop  since sometime last fall. Walking in I was greeted with complements for my Chris King Kindred Spirit write up.  Always nice when you get noticed by the local folks.  We talked bike and all things bike related,, Kevin's little shop is doing well had three bike heading out the door and repairs up the
Back to riding it was cool grey and just enough wind to make you honest,, I feel like under all my layers of riding clothes their is some fitness coming along nicely.
We started out slow due to some of the road being covered with ice,, a few more degrees it would have been water but ice for now.
Out through West Salem we decided to go our separate ways the kid was cold and I wanted more.
Headed the opposite direction than last week going over the cut from the south side and finally
after getting to Mindro and turning to the west I for the first time of the day had the wind at my back.
I opted to not sit on the couch this morning and watch the bike racing going on over in Europe.
Spent the afternoon yesterday watching the US cup and did not getting anything else done.
I really needed to get the Gunnar torn down and cleaned. After breakfast I got started 8 degrees outside and maybe 30 something inside. Pulled the whole thing apart and soaked and scrubbed, re-greased re-cabled and new bar tape. Did not get around to putting the new tires on only due time was running out and I wanted to get out and
Had to dress like I was going xc skiing with the temp only at 14 but the skies were blue bird and the bike was shinning in the sun.  Felt real real good to be on a shifting bike for the first time this year.  I was another day where I could not find the direction of the wind.  It seemed like every time I changed direction so did the wind.
One bike cleaned and ready for use,, now need to get the All-City cleaned and Anna's bike is making some noise so that is the next on the list,, and I hope that most if not all parts get here this week for the Lamere so I can get it up and running so it can be tested before heading to the Desert.

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