Sunday, March 9, 2014


I had my self set up for a strong week of pedaling. 
Goal was for seven days and three hundred miles.. I fell forty miles short for the seven days but for the past nine right on the number. 
Up until the other day a lot of Roller miles were needed due to the polar vortex and the condition of the roads. I had been coming home and riding the road to no where for 25+ miles a night. 
With my phone duct tapped to my handle bars I finished up season five of Breaking Bad. 
Two miles on two miles off and so on and so forth. 
Then the weather broke just enough that the snow started to recede and the puddles formed. 
Now the only thing that stood in the way of outside riding was me.
I woke up saturday and shifted gears on the Nature Boy down to an 18 giving me 63 inches of awesomness. 
I needed a hundred miles for the weekend and even with the sun out the temps never got much more than freezing. And the wind was blowing just enough to make me earn every pedal stoke.
Not the mile total that I wanted but a titch under 2000 feet of climbing and I was not riding inside.... and I got to ride a classic route right out the front door. 
Not to mention that i got to watch the  Strade Bianche,, right in to the Fat Bike Birkie.
Two races that made me just want to get out and drill it. 
A lesson to all of you is don't go to the Grocery store after beating your self up..
Crashing and trying to buy food is not a win win set up. 
But nothing some guacamole and beer could not cure. 
Falling short yesterday meant that I needed some huge miles today. 
The weather never really got as warm as they foretasted to  and the wind was blowing harder than I wanted. The grey skies and cold wind made me super unmotivated and I did leave the house until late into the afternoon. 
Climbing is starting to hurt less and less,, and my legs seem like they are remembering what to do. 
I have lots and lot of more work to do,, but for the first time in a while I am not as scared about being a blob of slowness. 
Warmer days are a head and new bike waiting for me when the dirt dries out.. 


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