Saturday, March 29, 2014


In somewhere around three weeks this pasty white midwestern drifless long winter soul will be in the sunshine state of Arizona. Seeing as I am going to box up the new bike and 
ship it out there to play and have fun I am trying to make sure that 
I have some kind of fitness so I am not left in the dust of the guys that have been riding since last year at this time. 
This weeks weather was once again not the sunshine and warm weather that we have had in springs past,, to me it has been very unforgiving and mentally taxing.
But what I keep reminding my self is that getting out and dealing with the elements 
will only make the warmer days that much better. 
Monday through Friday I have been out on the All-City hitting the hills on the 
single speed trying to make up for the time lost in February due to the extreme cold.  
I think that it has been working or at least I know that i have been suffering as 
I climb on the way home from work. 
Thursday I wore rain gear knowing that the way home would be wet and it was.. 
37 degrees and cold with a pissing rain,, the good thing was that the Lemond did not let me down and with the 53x21 set up it hauled ass through the wind and parted the puddles like the red sea. 
With the weekend here and the Gunnar all cleaned and tuned the plan for the day was simple.. 
Make my self hurt. 
By the time I got back home from a route with six climbs and shy of three hours in the saddle I was good and wobbly. So wobbly that going to the skate park with the boy found my legs making some questionable movements as I attempted to get rad. 
Came home from that to find Anna at home telling me her bike was broken,,
She snapped the shifter cable cable for the rear,, and this new integrated 105 stuff I can't seem to get a cable to go through,, so to bike shop for her,, Bummer.
Windy tomorrow but almost 60, so it should be another day of hurting my self 
in this kingdom of dirt. 
Hold on tight and make this thing go fast!!

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