Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Grandma Can Beat Up Yours

Got out on my black hearted steel rig to shake out the cob webs from last weekends racing,, it was exactly what i needed with all that seems to keep going on in my world. 
For Ninety two years my Grandma Curran has been a spark plug. 
She is the reason that i fell in love with the mountain and all that is the rocky mountain west. 
Summer after summer I would go out with the family or by my self and get to spend time with her and grandpa in the front range and playing in the mountains. 
Grandma has been like the energizer bunny or like the old Timex watch commercials "takes a licking and keeps on Ticking"..
The past few day have been real real tough for her, body is shutting down and I think the end is near.. was moved to Hospice this afternoon. Grandpa may be alone soon and i am more worried about him than anything else.  Grandma ride strong into the next chapter of your life you were/are loved by many and will never be forgotten..

Ok now turn the page something new was started today in the land of the 612.
Minnesota is the next state to launch a High School Racing League.
Even though we live in Wisco Sophia is able to race as an independent and was excited to get on the line.  Three girls total lined up for the Varsity Race,,4 laps of the Salem Hills single track. 
An up hill start got the girls on the course and into the single track,, Pip took the hole shot and set the pace for the next four laps..  Being dad and coach I saw young Jordan Horner sitting on her wheel as a problem as the  lap count ticked down, until midway through the forth lap when pip put the hammer down and got a gap that stuck.  Sophia got the win and was all smiles. It was great to see all the kids on their bikes and all the parents excited to have these kids racing.....This is the future if the sport get them hooked young and they will ride for ever... Good Job Minnesota!!

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