Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Last Wednesday was a long day as I learned what the great InterBikes is all about. 
A long day on my feet and lots of lights and ton of bike related stuff. I survived a lot of standing to make it out to the Deseret Breeze Park for the big Cross Vegas event. 
Chamois Butt'r was going to be one of the title sponsors and we had a long day a head of us. 
I ran in to the Rapha crew that was helping the soul with shots of Espresso.
After one of those I was full charged and checked out the course.. 
I ran in to a few old friends and made a few new ones.

Race started with a 1/2/3 at 5 o'clock and these poor guys had to race in some hot hot heat some where around 100,,,damn hot. 
Things really got cooking when the industry race kicked in with 150+ racers on the line. 
The race was blown up by a single speed racer and messenger world champ racing on one of these.

By the time that the Pro's showed up things were getting real and even the top level racers need help from time to time.. getting numbers pined on can be hard, and get you bent over a rock.
Eighteen hours and it was all done back to the Hard Rock a cold beer and 
sleep,,, Wednesday was done and all that left was thursday and friday..
Bright Lights and Big Jugs? is that what Vegas is all about? 

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