Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing yUo

Grandma Virginia Curran passed today at the age of 92.
This is a photo from 1943..
She went peacefully surrounded by family.
She was a strong woman who did not take any BS, but had a gentle loving side that brought you in.
She was my friend and copilot on many summer adventures, showing the mountain streams and 
amusement parks. As long as I did not bug her during her stories I could have some ice creme in the afternoon. 
My parents would go on vacations and leave us kid at home and grandma and grandpa would come and take care of us,,so loving and so nice. 
She took care of a young Anna when we came through on a spring-brake trip and she was the first person that we took a infant Sophia to see coming home from the hospital, we were so young and so scared but she just held that baby and told us all we had to do was love her. 
She came to our weeding here in Lacrosse and got to meet Anna's grandma 15 years ago and they hit it off like old friends.  As she got older she traveled less and less and that was strange for them...grandpa work for United so they could fly for next to nothing.
Living in Breckenridge we got spoiled being able to see them drop by and just say Hello. 
They kept getting old and grandma fought many different aliments,,then we move back 
to wisco. With much distance the heart grew sad no longer being able to pop in.
Over the past five and one half year we made sure to make it back to Colorado with the only true reason of seeing them.. The visits were never that long but they were long enough and meant something to all of us.
The last one was over Christmas, they were our first stop after getting off the plane. 
I thanked my wife for making sure that this happened because I got to see her one last time. 
Two weeks after a rough day of putting our little dog down on a bright and sunny saturday morning I call and got grandpa had a great conversation but grandma was still asleep.. Grandpa told me to call back later and I said ok,, As time has a way of doing I never got to speak to her that one last time. 
She was a wonderful woman and a role model in my life.
I will miss her and for ever be in debt for all that she thought me.. 
I love and will miss you.

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