Friday, September 7, 2012

Call it Easy?

Saw a quote this morning from Tillford " I love riding my bicycle I love racing my Bicycle, if it were only that Easy"
This says a lot to me,, yes if it was only that easy, I have had to ask for and rely on lots of help from many different places in my years of racing. Hard work and dedication can only take you so far. 
Help comes in many different forms, it could be something simple as the local mechanic helping with a wheel build or finding a unsuspecting group ride to ride with. 
It could be like this last weekend when a friend and race promoter invites you and your family to him home to race.
I get help from wonderful sponsors that have over the years made sure that this blue collar racing can take place. Many of which I have never met face to face.    That will all change in 
about a week when I head out to the desert to help work at the Chamois Butt'r booth and work the cross vegas event.
 Now places that are not helping me,, my 9-5 job has screwed me  over on vacation days making it now hurt a bit to take a week off work. I have some race winning set a side that were going to 
my wifes MTB but now go else where.  Again I love my bike and love riding it if was only that easy. 
I hope to come hope with all kinds of stories and who know what else. 
Until then i'll suit up and pedal on and deal with things as they come. 
Thanks to all of you that help keep my dream alive.

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