Monday, September 24, 2012

Point A

I am not  sure where to start?? Still a bit dizzy from all that went on over the past 10+days.
It all started with a drive to the cities and a night ride with Hwood and the Chucker,, Fast and Furious ripping single track around the lakes in the dark.. Next morning off to the airport to go to grandma's 
funeral. Was luck to be picked up by coach and we headed off to Golden to get some food and a bike for me to ride. Rode Hall Ranch up in Lyons,, real good fun even if I warped the rear wheel, had to stop in Boulder to get it fixed and got to an old friend Bear. 
With all that was going to coming my way I needed to get higher.. 
I made a quick drive up to Breckenridge to ride one of my all time favorite after dinner rides from back in the day. Weather was perfect and the trails rode great,, climbing the single out of Carter Park all I could think about was all the times spent in the mountains with Grandma. 

Back down the mountain to start the family time,, grabbed my Cousin Nick and we headed over to see Grandpa and we were both happy that we had each other walking in to the home for the first time with out Grandma. Grandpa was in as good of spirits as he could be and ask Nick to play a song for Grandma and it brought us all to Tears.  I ask Nick later what song it was and he said that he just went with it,,, I have never heard a Piano sound so good. 
After all that it was time for.............

Monday was hard and harder than I thought that it was going to be, have to say good bye for the last time, and holding on to Grandpa as she slid in to her finial resting place. 
             After seeing some more family and eating some food it was time to get to the Airport and 
head off to Vegas for the Interbike Show.  I got in late to the Hard Rock and meet up with the 
Crew at the Pink Taco some grub and a few beers and I was done. Crashed hard in bed at 9:30
and yes I know that no one goes to bed that early but I did,,
Stick a fork in me I was done. 
And to think that this is only the start to my crazy week. 
More to come,,, Bikes,, Racing ,, Olympic Medalist, and a whole lot Butt'r .

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