Saturday, November 23, 2013

Holiday Hero

It is the time of year where the fight between daylight and night wage a  constant battle. 
Luck for the Bringer of the LIGHT we are only 30days away from it's return.
As of now I am trying to keep what little fitness I have left so I can line up next week for 
Today was going to be a good day to get out and do some laps but as of now the temp is in the teens and the wind is whipping making for some nasty early winter windchill. 
What ever happens next weekend will be good it,
The whole THC team will be out going around in circles,
and we will Party,, as always. 
Pip will be home and we are going to 
take James up to the Third Layer so he 
can Trash indoors for a bit.
The Post Thanksgiving food babies will be 
fresh in everyone's guts making all
look more than normal goofy in their skinsuits. 
 We saw our first smattering of
snow thursday night, into friday
morning which made travel in cars interesting,,
for me the 1/2" of snow and 1/4" of ice 
gave me flash backs of riding the mud
at Green Archers,,
No sudden movements keep the bike straight and keep pedaling,,
I made it unscathed and   as the AC/DMC
cx bike has been it riding it kicked ass..
Still not sure how I am going to transport my self over the heart of winter if it does become snowy,, do not want to trash the new rig with all the different treatments they put on the road..
I do know that i need to get it in the Feedback stand and clean it up from the past few days of riding... I think that I am ready for spring..
Who wants to go to Fruita?

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