Sunday, December 1, 2013


I can hang my hat now on the 2013 season..
Yesterday was the last of my races for the year.
What started in April all came to close at Hollywood Cycles "Cross For Tots"
And what an event it was.
By far the best laid out course with a healthy dose of climbing some
wicked swoopy turns back into the bowl,,, off camber turns 
more sand than any beach I have been to,, and barriers that were just right for going fast.. 
Now before the first race even started the box to collect the toys was overflowing,, 
and the turn out on both sides spectators and racers  was amazing being the
  weekend of thanksgiving.. 
Warming up on the short course I was feeling ok,, but started to get a touch worried about my Gear inch as the start loomed closer.. 
So breaking one of the rules of Fight Club I busted back over to the Rav and Swapped out my King 18 for a 19 and gave another practice lap.
I made a difference but now on some of the descents found my self spun out,, realizing that it is hard to take three weeks off of racing and only commuting via bike to try to stay up front. 
Regardless  I had a blast,, railing corners sand blasting,,, and bunny-hopping the double barriers every lap..  
Eric Thomson put on another show of how strong that he is riding this season,, Followed by Patty-cakes and the Bavers in third...
Jay "Hollywood" and his Wife Put on a Kickass Event 
and have put together one of the Best Teams in the 612 with 
From April to December and all stops in between this Team has 
shown up Kicked ass and Done it in True THC* style..
Thanks To all of you that raced supported and flew the Colors!!

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