Saturday, December 7, 2013

Frosty Toes,,, Cold Nose

Cold is a state of mind kind of like pain.. Sometimes it is all a mental game of how much you can stand,,or how much your body can handle.
Today was the Minnesota CX State Championship, and I did not make it there due to the weather that the Twin Cities had blowing through.
They took a shot of snow this week that we did not see only two hours away and then the cold blast of air came in from the great white north causing the windchill to drop below -25..
I had so much fun last week and wanted to be back up there racing my Purple Reign,, but no dice.
Instead I got the Spot 1x1 back together and headed out for some single track riding. 
Left the hose dressed like I was going to go XC skiing as the temp was only 2 above with a negative windchill.... With the lobsters on my hands I was gone. Rode some trails not to far from the house and before I knew it I was dripping with moisture. 
The sun was out and the trails were dry,, and the leaves were crisp and made for some interesting 
It was tons of fun to be out on the oneBYone with low psi and what felt like bonus trail miles my face was all smiles..
   The whole time I was riding again thinking that this may be the last one of the year,, it has to snow here sooner or later,, and no I don't have a Phat bike,,, I will ski if it ever snow,,, IF..
It was one of those days where I felt like I could ride for ever.. but sooner or later my toes were going to get cold,,, wearing my Chainsaw socks that i won at the Fatbikeworldchampionship were doing the job with the thick layer embro until the nip in the air got to be too much.
 Packing it in and hanging the bike up for what I could only think is the last one 
I was happy that fun was once again found on the back of two wheels..

Huge Props go out to my THC Teammate,, Little Josh Bavers,, Riding today in that 
Minnesota CX race fresh off a third place last week at Hollywoods Cross for Tots fought 
through the snow and cold to Pull off a 6th place overall in the 1/2 race .
This kid this Shaun White Doppelganger went from the Cat 3 state champ 
last year to a 2 this,, and even catted up for the Iowa Jingle Cross race just for the experience. 
This Ginger has the skills and as he grows up his potential is starting to shine,, 
I have faith that he is going to be one to watch..
Part On Bav's you are a Stud in Skinny Jeans..
The Question is what comes next?

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