Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sunny is not

Another trip around the sun has been completed. 
Now the days will get longer and the light will creep back into the 
dark corners of my blackened heart.
Age is a mindset more than it is a number.
There are milestones,, sixteen you get to drive,, seventeen you can
go see a R movie,, eighteen if you are a male you get to register for the draft,
and then twenty one you can buy liquor legally.
After that it is pretty much all down hill, somewhere in your twenty's you 
can rent a car,, AARP comes when you hit 50's and sixty four brings medicare.
I am not transfixed on age,, I have been an old man for as long as I can remember,,
chasing and raising fart-face-kids since I was twenty-one.
I have line up for races and had my doors blown off by those twice my age and even half 
my age.
My Grandfather is Ninety Six.....And he is still moving and shaking. Not sure if it is longevity or if it was good living. 
A box came in the mail the other day with a photo album of my first thirty nine years on this rock hurling through space. Lots of different styles and looks have come and gone,, but one thing
still stays the same.
Full throttle Straight Ahead Raging Full On!
A new year, a new dawn a New Day Rising thank you mister sun for coming back and warming 
me Up!      

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