Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shackle Me Not

I am stuck somewhere in the middle of here and there.
Season of racing is done, and I am trying to approach this december as a true off season.
Doing just enough to keep what fitness that I may have left over from cross racing. 
This fall racing the Purple Reign was a blast,, having to battle through 
injury not so much but with the racing only being an hour I could block out the pain. 
Now the pain is being board off my ass.
Still waiting on some snow to ski on here in the local area.. May end up having to travel to find it if it does not fall from the sky anytime soon. 
With the low back pain I really need to get down on the floor more often and get flexible or  at least loose,,, man getting old Sucks.
Pushing the old Steel rig through the back streets of Lacrosse with studs and fenders seems to 
be working me not sure if it is the 53x24 or again just the fact that I am becoming an old man. 
Only ten days left and the bringer of the Light will be back and the bright star in the sky will start to make its long journey back to the Norther Sky... Then all around the Drifless Region the shackles of winter will start to 
recede and the taste of Salt will no longer fall upon the lips of two wheel enthusiast as they are passed by speeding Autos.
Bring on the Light,,, Rock for Light
Light It Up.
Bring it!

Speaking of Bringing it...
The Super Fast Speed kid running with the Orange Jake the Snake is
Josh Bauer.. or as we call he The Bavers.
I have watch this kid grow over the past few years of racing with him
Last season was his first year racing cross and excelled to win the Cat 3 state championship. 
This year as a 2 he was consistently finishing top 10 in the Pro-1-2 races.
The past month of racing has been solid for the Baves and he is on 
his way to Boulder to swing his leg over his Rig for 
the National race there.
He is hoping for some help to get him self there and has a 
Web site taking donations to help get him to his Dream. 
I have a lot of faith in this here boy.... The Speed runs deep in this one and only 
great things are to come of the Fast Ginger.

Now back to my Training Plan of doing not much of anything.. 

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