Monday, November 18, 2013

Sand in the Vaseline

So This Kid here is racing in for lack of better terms her first season of Cyclocross.
She did line up for two last year coming back from illness and rocking a borrowed SSCX machine,,
But this season is the first real deal. 
Two weeks in and taking her lumps and learning that even though it has two wheels,
The pain and agony that comes with going around in circles for 40+Minuets...
Making you eyes go cross and tasting blood in the back of your throat.
Two races in one at her school and one Saturday in the windy city.
But with these two races she has got her self qualified
for Nationals in Boulder this coming January.
    I am cheering this kid on, and she tackles this new 
discipline of cycling and works on finding that pain cave 
and while there setting up residence for the sole purpose of going faster. 
As I told her on this Steel Horse she rides and it can take 
her anywhere.
Make it Hurt Go FAST Then do it all Over Again..

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