Friday, November 30, 2012

TaStE Of pAiN

Tomorrow may be the last line up and last number pinning for me this season. 
Heading up once again to the 612 for the Mn State CX Championships.
There are more races or at least one more this season,, here in Wisco, but for what it is worth it has been a long long season of racing and it  may be time for a  break. 
Pip and I may head over to Madtown for the National Race the first week of January,
but my desire to spend a bunch of dough to race just is not their.
If registered with in the next week it is only 65$ but it is also a new year so a renew of ones
USA Cycling license which is another 150 so by the time it is all said and done I would have over Two Hundred dollars wrapped up in to a CX race... The math just does not add up.
But tomorrow should be fun,,,,,this race has been one that for years that I have wanted to do and now that Pip has a rig and enjoys the pain we can head up and Party On with the rest of the Hollywood Cycles crew.
Bikes are tuned cleaned and ready to go,, weather will be somewhat good mild temps and a slight chance of rain. So bring it on make it hurt fell the pain and ears ringing and the tasted of blood in the back of my mouth.
I am ready and the bike is ready time for game on. It will be METAL! and it will hurt but it has all been fun..

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